How To Stop Ejaculating Prematurely

How To Stop Ejaculating Prematurely

How To Stop Ejaculating Prematurely – Are you feeling ashame of losing control every time you make love to your woman? Do you want to discover sex positions to help you last longer in bed that will keep you erect and feeling the good friction without the “Oh no, I’m already at the edge” feeling?

How To Stop Ejaculating PrematurelyPremature ejaculation, which makes you a “minute” man, is one of the most common sexual problem faced by most men today. As a person with Premature ejaculation problem might ejaculate seconds after mounting. The impact of premature ejaculation is not only causing embarrassment, stress or lower self-confidence, but also reduces sexual pleasure for couples.

Ejaculating at the peak of the sexual activity has assumed more importance than any other aspect of love making. There is no doubt that reaching an orgasm together can be a magical moment that is shared together. A man’s control over his ejaculation can be greatly increased by the sexual position the couple engages in. The very nature of the sexual act is such that it is based on the use of certain positions. As mankind has evolved, we have devised variations of the basic sexual position to heighten our enjoyment and these positions also physically influence the outcome of a sexual session and may actually help a man overcome premature ejaculation, because they are mostly linked to how the man performs and how satisfied his partner is in the end.

Who would’ve thought the positions we have sex in can impact premature ejaculation? Obviously, there is no single position that will suit everybody, but the general idea is there are some sex positions that might leads to premature ejaculation and there are some sex positions can also be used to increase stamina in bed. You can use them to stop yourself from having a weak ejaculation.

1. Avoid the missionary position (man on top)

Oddly enough, one of the most popular positions is male superior, Man on top position (missionary), which is also the position associated most with premature ejaculation. This position makes position makes it difficult for a man to control his ejaculation, as man takes extra effort to do his job in bed, may lead to greater pressure on the men’s genitals and can eventually lead to premature ejaculation. As the male is supporting his body weight with his arms and core strength, the muscular tension is increased. Think about it: a man is essentially using his arms and legs to prop himself up, so that they start stiffening in a short time, and thrusting at the same time: a perfect recipe for premature ejaculation.

Choose a position that will cause the least stress on your limbs, for instance, because any kind of physical discomfort during sex invariably leads to premature ejaculation as the body seeks release from the awkward position it is in:

2. Try woman on top (“Female Superior”)

An effective position to avoid premature ejaculation due to lower male efforts and also be able to control ejaculation.
In this position, as the name suggests, your partner is on the top of you. The female sits on top facing or with her back turned towards the man. He either sits or lays on his back, relaxed, breathing slowly and she does all the work. With this position there is less pressure on the male to perform and because there is less movement by him friction decreases, will definitely give boost to his sexual endurance and the chance of early ejaculation is reduced. If he feel that he is about to reach climax, he can relax his muscles and prolong it further.

Coitus with the man on his back gives the control of the sexual act to the woman and lets the man relax. He is then in a better position to guide his partner. Also, as she will be on top, it will give her a feeling of being in full control of the penetration and of maximizing her own pleasure. Her pleasure will increase as women love adventures in bed. She will know what will heighten her enjoyment.

3. The “Tantalizing L” position

In this position, she will lie flat on the bed on her back. He, on the other hand, will kneel or stand at the edge of the bed. Both together will make the shape of “L”. This is where this position gets it name from. He can start thrusting slowly and at the same time keep his muscles relaxed. The reason why this position works so well to stop a weak ejaculation is because of the upright position of his body.

The blood does not go towards the areas which will increase his arousal and result in an ejaculation. Thus, he is in complete control and he can give his partner the pleasure as well. He also has the pleasure to increase her enjoyment by using his hands on her body.

4. The lateral sideways (Spoons) position

Lateral position is the best sex position to commence ejaculation control and last longer in bed. Both comfortably lying on bed. The woman spreads and bends her legs while the man supports his body above her on his hands and knees. He brings hispenis into contact with the vagina (but not necessarily into deep penetration). The woman then brings her legs up until they rest against her man’s upper thighs, and the couple then rolls together onto one side or the other, remaining face to face.

This sexual position has several advantages. The man can pause for as long as necessary to control his urge to ejaculate without either tiring himself by supporting his weight or squashing his partner by failing to do so. His angle of approach lines up his penis almost perfectly with her vagina, keeping the amount of internal stretching to a minimum (which might be more comfortable for some women). Both partners have their hands free for caresses to the breast areas, the buttocks, the back and the thighs, which can maintain her excitement when too rapid progress towards his climax makes the man pause in his lovemaking, as often happens during the early days of a relationship, or when a man is young and lusty! And the relatively limited range of movement available to both partners keeps even quite poorly synchronized movements from leading to the penis popping out of the vagina or painful over-stretching of genital tissues.

5. Have Longer Foreplay

One of the curse for men who tend to come too fast is that they are always in a hurry, try to relax and slow down. It makes sense doesn’t it ? Out of his consciousness, they just can’t take the time to have long passionate sex. So start by taking longer time for the foreplay. Kiss her all over her body, touch her everywhere and make sure that you don’t stick it in until she is on the edge of exploding. Play with her with your finger and tongue and finger her and do not rush to penetrate is one way to avoid premature ejaculation. Apart from pleasing your partner, it can also make men last longer in bed.

6. Experiment the sex position

Each man has a certain position that can make rapid ejaculation. To find out, you need to try new positions, which can then be evaluated in order to avoid during lovemaking. Experiment to avoid premature ejaculation.

How To Stop Ejaculating Prematurely – Now that you are aware of these amazing sex positions, you would surely want to try them out right away. So why don’t you go ahead and experience them yourself? You will certainly have a nice time in bed with your partner. Also, they will end your weak ejaculation problem for sure!

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