Kegels exercise for men – What Is Kegel Exercises For Men

Kegels exercise for men help men to have more last longer intense orgasms, cure premature ejaculation and improve erections.

Kegels Exercise For MenKegels exercise for men work a muscle of the pelvic cavity called the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. The PC muscle is also known as the pelvic floor muscle. The PC muscle is used by men during urination and during ejaculation. When these muscles are weak, urine can leak from the bladder and it can cause or contribute to premature ejaculation. PC muscles control the flow of semen and urine, the firmness of your penis during erection and the shooting power of your ejaculation. They are important, and if kept very strong, will see you into your golden years with a fantastical hard on.

Kegels exercise for men by squeezing PC muscles and relaxing them. This takes effort and practice.

How To Find the Right Muscles?

To determine which muscle to exercise, try starting and stopping your urine stream. This exercise will help you find the correct muscles. Repeat this exercise once a week to check whether or not you are using the right muscles. Do not tighten your buttock or thigh muscles when doing these exercises. Relax your stomach muscles as much as possible.

When you are standing and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, you should see your penis move slightly.

Some men find these muscles by imagining that they are trying to stop the passage of gas. Squeezing these muscles gives a pulling sensation; these are the right muscles for pelvic exercises. It’s important not to contract other muscles.

How To Do Kegels exercise for men?

    • Kegels Exercise For MenBegin by squeezing the muscles for a count of four (4), then relax for a count of four (4). At first, you can only squeeze the muscles for 1-2 seconds, but as your muscles get stronger, you will be able to hold to the count of four (4).
    • Work up to repeating these exercises for five (5) minutes twice a day.
    • Remember to relax between each squeeze and just let the muscles go loose. Do not push down.

If you do the Kegels exercise for men for the first time make sure to set aside time in which you can do the exercise without being interrupted. After you have done them for awhile, you can practice these exercises any time and anywhere.

When you’re first starting, it may be easier to do Kegel exercises lying down, so your muscles aren’t fighting against gravity. It may also be easier to contract the muscles for just two or three seconds at first.

After a few weeks, increase the time until eventually you’re contracting the muscles for a slow five or 10 seconds, and do the exercises standing up. That puts more weight on the muscles, boosting your workout and improving your control.

Making sure not to tense your buttock, legs, or stomach muscles while you’re doing Kegels.

Kegels Exercise For Men

  • Always squeeze your pelvic floor muscles when you:
  • Sit up from lying down
  • Stand from a sitting position
  • Lift something heavy
  • You can practice squeezing these muscles when you are watching TV, standing in line, or driving a car. Since these muscles are inside your body, people will not know you are doing exercises. It usually takes 6-12 weeks to see results. Do these exercises regularly.

Kegel exercise for men Precautions:

  • Some people exercise more than they should, hoping that they will regain bladder control quicker. If you exercise too much or too soon, your bladder control may get worse for awhile. Start slowing and increase the amount of exercise slowly. Follow the guidelines that your health care team have given you.
  • Be sure to breathe during the exercises. Holding your breath may put extra pressure on your pelvic muscles.

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